Decorative Gravel

    Artic White  1-1/4"          Eastern Shore 3/4" -1               Eastern Shore 2"x4"                   Mocha  1"x2"                    Pink Carnation 1"- 2"            Black Granite 1"x2"                    Sedona Red 3/4"

                          Sevic Landscaping deals only in quality stone and gravel products. We ensure that the color and texture of your stone products are the finest available.

                                                   Much care is given to ensure that the stone is processed to the proper texture, size and color richness! 

                   We want our customers to have a great selection of gravel products, which is why we stock many varieties of decorative gravel for pick-up or prompt delivery! 

                                                  To ensure you receive prompt service, we have invested in manpower and equipment to meet the demand.

Some of the Decorative Gravel we offer include: Artic White, Eastern Shore, Mocha, Pink Carnation, Black Granite, Sedona Red, Brick Chips, and River Rock.                                                    If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask!  We may be able to help you find it.

Brick Chips 3/4" - 11/4"             Pea Gravel 1/2"                 #2 River Rock  1" - 2"            #3 River Rock 2" - 4"            #4 River Rock  3" - 6"